Dia de los Muertos Bi-Plane

This painting was a commission, for a baby’s bedroom.  Their color scheme was bright tropical colors like greens, yellows and blues. The theme was bi-planes.

I was asked to create a dia de los muertos image, a little on the less “scarey” side for the little guy.
I made the stars hugging- Mama and papi stars, with traditional sugar skull designs, and marigold eyes. They are smiling at their little baby, the moon!Dia De Los Muertos Biplane - framed PNG
The plane has sugar skull patterns, painted on its wing and nose. A small skull in the center of the propeller ties it together with the theme of the whole piece.
Everything is  very small. The image here has a US dime for reference.


The little teeny tiny city is inspired by the movie, Book of Life.  You can see the reference images I printed out, in this photo.  Papel picado hang from  the trees and in the town. Each building is bright and colorful, and many are shaped as skulls.
Flower petals fall from the sky over the town, in celebration. A baby!

Bi-Plane painting

Thank you for wanting to know the story of this piece, and reading through this entire post to the end. It means a lot to me that you care!

I have some “Dia de los Muertos Bi-Plane” prints and swag in my etsy shop.
The original painting is SOLD and resides in the bedroom of a little ninja dude in Florida ❤

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