Events & Shows

Where will A.ADDISON artwork be popping up, next?

Upcoming Appearances and Events

Gah! Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus Shutdowns, there have not been many shows or events to be a part of. Please check back as things re-open and stay safe.
And thank you for caring where I’ll be next ūüėÄ !



Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier  | Chicago, IL
Annual Wommins Show at Bl_nk Haus Gallery  |  Chicago, IL


Bl-nk Haus  | Chicago, IL
Cubby Bear   |  Chicago, IL
Groovin’ On Grove ¬†| ¬†Berwyn, IL
Pilsen ARTisan Market  |  Chicago, IL
Villapalooza   |   Chicago, IL


Osseous Matter Art Show | Chicago, IL
Cubby Bear   |  Chicago, IL
Pilsen ARTisan Market  |  Chicago, IL
Mole De Mayo  |  Chicago, IL
PRIDE Festival   |  Chicago, IL
Groovin’ On Grove ¬†| ¬†Berwyn, IL
QuetzalFest   |   Chicago, IL
Slow & Low Lowdrider Show   |   Chicago, IL
Tacos & Tamales Festival   |   Chicago, IL
Villapalooza   |   Chicago, IL
DannyPalooza Art and Metal Music Festival   |  Chicago, IL
Rooted: Artistic Offerings to Mother Nature  |  Chicago, IL
Nasty Women Art Exhibition and Fundraiser  |  Oak Park, IL
Pintura Obscura: A Dark and Whimsical Exhibit  | Chicago, IL
7th Annual Beautiful Souls Coffin Show  |  Chicago, IL


PRIDE Fest  |  Chicago, IL
Pilsen Fest  |  Chicago, IL
For the Love of Frida, Frida Kahlo Tribute  |  Chicago, IL
Taste of 35th Street  |  Chicago, IL
Pilsen Open Studios  |  Chicago, IL
Tacos & Tamales Festival  |  Chicago, IL
Annual Coffin Show  |  Chicago, IL


Gatas Mutantes Art Show  |  Chicago, IL
Mole de Mayo  |  Chicago, IL
Sacred Heart Art Show  |  Chicago, IL
Pilsen Open Studios  |  Chicago, IL
Annual Coffin Show, That Which Nourishes the Soul  |  Chicago, IL