Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Eeeee!!! What a show.

I was honored to be invited and included in this event at Navy Pier, March 20-24 2019. I had never been, and had no idea what to expect!

The show theme was Flowertales and the tablescapes and decorations were to die for!

Jack and the Beanstalk themed tablescape.

And Relics Themed tablescape. They were amazing. The imagination of the people.
There were live chickens, cooking demonstrations. Garden knowledge out the whazoo!

I brought all my goodies and setup a booth and wished for the best!
I met amazing people, artists, and creatives.

I sold some art, I made a bazillion new friends.

I live-painted a few items during the event. It’s always nice to use festival down-time as my “office hours”. I make and make.
I update my website.
I clean out my email.
I’m there, so I might as well.
And I make and make and make.

20190322_1745337328879825135889880.jpgIn this case, I felt so inspired by the tulips. I love dutch and flemish still lives, with the dark backgrounds and the flowers blooming, wilting, and everything in between.

I’m also a fan of the story of tulip mania, and how it still applies to the human condition and economics of today.
I walked around the show and saw flowers, and bulbs and garden-related items of all types and prices.

So, I chose the the highly sought-after Semper Augustus bulb. On a bull skull. In the style of dutch and flemish art.
SO me, right?

And I live-painted while I was there for the 5 days.

img_20190330_105410_935876603614783667203.jpg img_20190406_080251_7827109119342559748134.jpg
It sold, right away.
AND I MISS IT!!!! I might need to make myself another one like it.

Thank you for having me, and inspiring me, Chicago Flower and Garden Show!

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