Keep your reference images close

Tip: Keep your reference images close!
You see where I’m going with it?

Jasmine and Amelia reference imagesReference photos are so important to my art. My imagination and memory only go so far.

Since I want this image to be noticeably Princess Jasmine, and noticeably Amelia Earhart, without having to explain, these little images are my buddies.
I look at them almost as often as I look at the piece I’m painting towards the end.

In the beginning of my work on the piece, I may not look as much. But once I get to this point where tiny tweaks can change a shadow or facial expression, I look and look and look.

I print the image on my printer, or at Walgreens/Target for less than $1 ea.
I use painter’s tape to secure reference images to my work. It keeps me from:
– Damaging my work with paper clips or other types of tape
– Having to have my phone/computer nearby (and charged) to see my image
– Deviating from the details with what I “know”
– Losing stuff!!

I work on several pieces at a time because my brain can’t sit still.
They all sit in a “works in progress” area, with the reference images, sketches I’ve made, and any other important details etc taped to the backs of them!

I recommend the yellow Frog Tape, because it is intended for recently painted walls, and is by far the gentlest tape I have tried. I even use it on watercolor paper.

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